We Help You to Switch Over Phone


Why Go for Switch?


At Goforswitch, we offer a free energy comparison service that is impartial and trust worthy. We are working with Ofgem Accredited Energy Comparison Company to give you cheaper deals on your gas and electricity. We help people to save money by switching them to cheaper supplier without much hassle for the customers. In the current, highly priced energy market, it is important to keep checking if you are on cheaper tariff. Gas and electricity are very essential and are the biggest household expenditure. This is also one of the complicated expenditure to manage. There are different suppliers in the market with different tariffs. Lot of new tariffs are introduced and removed every often. At Goforswitch, we help you in Switching Energy Provider with easy and convenient method.

If you are one among the customer paying huge money on your gas and electricity bills and if you want to cut down cost on your household bills, we help you do that. You can Switch Energy Provider and save money by doing Gas and Electricity Comparison. Commonly, customers buy energy from one of the Big Six companies without comparing the rates. Comparison @ goforswitch will include a wide range of suppliers including UK's small suppliers. Most of the small suppliers have come up with competitive pricing to attract customers. There is a huge saving for customers due to the competitive market prevailing among the Gas & Electricity Suppliers.

For Saving Money on Gas and Electricity Bills up to £575, All you need to do is call our Inbound number or leave your phone number through an online form. We will speak to you at your convenient time, compare wide range of suppliers in your region and suggest suitable cheapest supplier. The service offered by us are free, unbiased and trust worthy. There is absolutely no hassle for the customer while switching. The new supplier will contact you to get the meter reading and start supplying. There is no breakdown in service during the switching process. You will enjoy uninterrupted Gas and Electricity supply from the new supplier in about 3 to 4 weeks.