Advantages of Online billing

                    Nowadays, the world is digitising, everything is moving online. This change is applicable to billing systems as well and it has been accepted by most of the organisation/companies for the benefit of their customers to maintain the billing record effortlessly. With respect to the energy sector, if the customers have an online account, it is easy for them to view their monthly or quarterly gas & electricity bills from the respective energy suppliers in order to make the payment online. Also, the suppliers can send the payment bill/invoice or any notice to the customers quickly in just a click away. This will reduce a lot of time & effort of both suppliers & customers.

Paperless billing

Online Billing, how it benefits you – as a customer –

1. Paperless billing – Some energy suppliers offer certain discounts to their customers who opt for paperless billing, it means they will receive all sorts of billing alerts over email rather than post. This helps the customers to save money on gas & electricity bills per year.

2. View your Energy bills & make Payment online – With the help of online account, you can easily view your energy bills & make the payment online.

3. Check your bill history– You have the option to view your previous bills so that you can check how much you spend on the Gas & Electricity consumption per year to make your home an energy efficient.

4. Print/download your Energy bill– You can print/download your energy bill in PDF format as per your requirement.

5. Email notification– You will receive an email notification, in case if your payment is due.

6. Sending Meter Readings Online– Once you send the recent meter readings to your supplier, your account will be updated and you can able to see the instant balance.

7. Address Proof– You can make records of your energy bills from the date of online registration and it can be used as address proof any document verification.

8. Simply Manage– Managing online account is easy & convenient. You can easily change the email address, product details like Gas / Electricity, password changes and another setting as per your need.

9. Safe & Secure– Most of the shopping websites use strong security measures to maintain their customer details confidentially, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your personal information. In another way, you can have a strong password to strengthen your online account.

10. Simple sign up– In case if you don’t have an online account, you can easily register it with the help of your email account and set up your online profile instantly.

Set up your online account now to take advantage of billing system & save money on your Gas & Electricity bills.

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