Domestic Gas & Electricity Meter & its Types

Energy meters are the one used to measure the amount of Gas & Electricity usage at home. Not all meters are same. It varies in terms of its structure & functionality. There are several meters available in the energy market and it can be installed based on the requirement of domestic users. It is necessary for the energy users to send the meter readings to their energy suppliers on a regular interval basis in order to ensure that they charge accurately for their energy usage. All meters are approved & verified by Ofgem – Energy regulation body before it is put in use.

Energy users must have complete knowledge on the Gas & Electricity meters installed in their home, so that it is easy for them to calculate the energy cost & can gradually improve their savings on the energy bills. Let us see the types of energy meter available in the UK energy market,

Energy Meters UK

Standard Meter

Standard meters are the most common type of meter in the UK, it has the aluminium disc, which rotates whenever the energy is consumed and display the number of rotations as a count (This is the meter readings in numbers). It measures the energy usage in terms of Kilowatts per hour / Kwh.

Read the meter from left to right and take only the first five digit black numbers for meter readings and leave the red digit number if it appears.

Dial meter

Dial meter is also known as Analogue meter – consist of six dials and looks like a clock. You should read the meter readings from left to right. Include only the first five dials for the meter reading and leave the last red digit dial or the dial with no numbers.

This meter reading is more complex to note down because sometimes the needle in the dial meter might fall between two digits, in that case, consider the digit which the needle just passed.

Prepayment Meter

Prepayment meter, from the name itself, you can conclude that you need to pay before you consume gas and electricity. It is also known as a token meter or key-card meter. You have to recharge your prepayment meter based on the energy you would like to use. Usually, prepayment energy tariffs are of high cost, so think twice before you opt for the prepayment meter.

Sometimes, if you are struggling to pay your energy bills and you have debt with the energy supplier or if you belong to a low-income group, your supplier may ask you to go for prepayment meter.

Economy 7 Meter / Economy 10 Meter

Economy7 and Economy 10 meters are usually used for Economy 7 and Economy10 tariffs, where you will be charged on the cheaper rate of your energy usage for either 7 or 10 hours.

These type of meters will show both night time and daytime readings. Some meter will display one set of number for day rate and press button to get the night rate. But in certain meters, it will show two sets of numbers for both day & night rates.

Smart Meter

Smart meters are smart enough to display your energy usage in terms of pounds & pence. Moreover, it directly sends the meter readings to the supplier so that it reduces the difficulty of manual reading or the estimated meter reading.

The UK Energy Regulatory body wants the energy suppliers to install the smart meter to all domestic users by 2020. If you want to install the smart meter for your home, contact your supplier and get it done.

Digital Meter

Digital meter shows you the meter reading in the more straightforward digital format. You have to press the button to get the meter readings. Take only the first five digits of the digital display and ignore the last digit for readings.

How to provide meter readings to the supplier

If you have an online account with your energy supplier then you can submit the meter reading directly. In case, if you don’t have, call your supplier and inform your meter readings.

If you are physically disabled and cannot read your meter readings, you can ask your supplier to take reading on behalf of you.

Suppose if you are an elderly person / pensionable age or hearing impaired person, you can get help from your suppliers on this free service.

However, there are several energy plans available in the market. Pick appropriate energy tariffs & install the right meter that can fulfil your energy needs which will help you to reduce your Energy Cost.

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