Energy Efficient Home Appliances can reduce Energy cost!

There are so many ways to keep your home to be energy efficient, but think why you should put such effort to do so. Energy efficient home will use less energy so that the expenses on the utilities can be reduced significantly.

If you are looking to keep your home to be energy efficient, it starts from your house design plan, home structure, home appliances, electronic gadgets, lighting, the way you insulate your home & so on.

Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Let us see how an energy efficient home appliance will reduce energy cost,

Lighting: Changing of older lights & bulbs with energy saving light like CFL & LED will significantly Save on Energy cost when compared to the conventional lights & bulbs over a period of time.

Oven: Replace the traditional oven with halogen oven – it uses less electricity for cooking meat and also keeps your cooking time minimal. With this practice, you can reduce the usage of electricity for cooking and over a period you could find some notable savings on your electricity bills of £50 – £100. After cooking, let the oven door to be open so that the heat from the oven spreads around and keep the room warm.

Cooking pans: Use appropriate pan for cooking food items. If you want to cook food for 1 – 2 persons try to use a small pan so that heat will spread easily & food can be cooked so fast which will reduce your energy cost.

Refrigerator & Freezer: Try to load your fridge & freezer with all food items, so that there won’t be any empty space which might consume more energy to produce the cooling effect. On a regular basis, defrost your fridge & freezer for its effective performance. Some refrigerators have the facility to defrost it in an automated way, so check your fridge guide kit before you do so.

Washing machine:
Try to load your washing machine full rather than with a few items. By practising this, you can save one-third of the electricity per year which would considerably lower your energy cost.

Before placing the dishes into the dishwasher for cleaning purpose, remove all the scrap from it and load the dishwasher fully so that it will consume less energy. If your dishwasher has the economy setting option, use it to save energy.

Curtains: Use heavy material curtains for the windows so that the heat remains inside the room during the winter season. In that case, you don’t require much effort to maintain the room temperature.

Electronic gadgets / Tv: Switch off the electronic devices when it’s not in use. Most electronic items consume considerable amount of energy in standby mode. Use smart technologies home appliances to automate the on / off process depending on its usage, which would result in energy saving and further improve the durability of the appliances.

Smart Thermostat: Nowadays, smart thermostats are available in the market which allows you to manage your home’s heating system via smart phones, tablets & so on. It can adjust the temperature based on the weather / climatic conditions. Some of the thermostats are much advanced, they use GPS to detect when you are on the way to home & automate the boilers to heat the room.

Apart from using the smart technology for home appliances, insulate your home with appropriate insulation material in order to avoid heat loss during the winter season. Above stated tips will allow you save energy which in turn results in Saving money on your Gas & Electricity bills.

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