Ultimate guide on Energy Saving for every home

Most people think saving energy means not polluting the atmosphere, keeping the environment clean & good. Yes, Exactly. But it also keeps the place to be an energy efficient – use less energy and give the same performance in terms of any services. Let’s take the place as home which has Roof space, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Basement, Garage etc. When we speak about saving energy at home, it must be applied to all the rooms & appliances inside the home.

Energy Saving tips

Let’s see how to save energy at home

Roof Space: Proper insulation of roof ceiling will reduce your energy cost. Department of Energy says that if additional insulation of 3 – 12 inches of loft space can further reduce heating cost by 20% & cooling cost by 10% on the utility expenses.

Bedroom: Set the ceiling fan to rotate in a clockwise direction during winter to bring warm air inside the room and anti-clockwise direction during the summer season which pushes out the warm air.

Bathroom: Take less time for shower and reduce the water flow of the shower-head to avoid wasting of hot water. Close the hot water tap properly to avoid water dripping from it.

Living room: Use automated thermostat, so that it will adjust the temperature when the room is not in use, this will cut down the energy cost.

Use appropriate pan for cooking. If cooker has small ring, use a small pan to cook the food. After cooking, don’t close the oven door, leave it open so that warm air spreads around the kitchen to give enough heat inside the room.

Basement: Cover small & large holes in the basement with spray foam or foam-board to avoid heat loss.

Garage: Use weatherstrip material around the garage door & windows to stop air leaks.

Best Energy saving tips for home appliances

1. Set up timer on your central heating system to ensure the room temperature has been maintained. So that heating / cooling the room can be done automatically as per the requirement.

2. Use Energy Saving Appliances for lighting like CFL& LED bulbs and use the smart technologies home appliance so that it consumes less energy and give you the same performance.

3. Switch off lights / electronic gadgets/appliances when not in use. Don’t leave electronic devices in standby mode, rather put it off. Most electronic devices consume electricity during standby mode.

4. Boil the water in the kettle when it’s required. Don’t waste energy by boiling water unnecessarily.

5. Fully loaded washing machine use less energy, try to load washing machine heavily, so that it will not take more energy for washing clothes.

6. Dry your clothes outside when the weather is good.

7. Set your thermostat to 60′ C (140′ F)

8. Keep the fridge & freezer completely occupied – means store them fully not leaving empty space to waste energy.

9. Use halogen oven for cooking meat, it will use less electricity for cooking & reduce cooking time as well.

10. Use voltage stabilisation devices, it consumes less energy.

Follow Energy Saving Tips to keep your home energy efficient and Save money on Gas & Electricity bills.

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