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Frequently asked questions

You may come across a lot of questions when you think of switching energy supplier.Here arefew answered FAQs that
probably would help you to make a decision.

One of the major reason for people to switch gas and electricity supplier is to save money. However, there are also other reasons for people to think of switching. It could be the experience they had with their current supplier in terms of customer service or billing.
There is absolutely no need for you to contact your current gas or electricity supplier. The new Supplier will call you and ask for your meter reading. Most likely, in about 3-4 weeks your energy supply gets changed without any interruption.
In order to choose a cheaper supplier, you will have to either call us or leave your telephone number through an online form. Our friendly advisors will call you to compare gas and electricity prices across UK with all the suppliers in the market through Energy Comparison sites in UK.
However, the other important factors you may have to consider are

  1. Whether you want a single cheaper supplier for gas and electricity together or best deal for gas and electricity separately from different suppliers.
  2. What are the payment options given to you by the new supplier and whether it is convenient for you when you compare it with the current supplier. Suppliers offer special discount if you chose direct debit payment methods.
  3. What the new supplier offer in terms of customer Service and whether their complaint handling track record is satisfactory for you.
  4. Whether you would like to pay by Monthly or Quarterly and also the statement dispatch mode. Suppliers offer you cheaper tariffs for online billing if you have an email account.
Ofcourse yes. If you find cheaper deals from different supplier for your gas and electric, you can go ahead and switch individually for each fuel.
Cost Saving – You save money by switching energy supplier of your own choice. There is no change in pipelines or wires. With the same infrastructure, without changing anything you save money. The only change is the supplier.

Best in Class Customer Service – The suppliers are aware that if they don’t service the customer properly, they would leave and go to a new supplier. This helps the customer to get best of the customer service from suppliers. There is a healthy competition with the suppliers and finally benefits only the customer in getting good rates and good service.
New supplier will take over the supply in about 4 weeks including the statutory ‘cooling off' period, the contract termination notice with your previous energy supplier and the scheduling of your switchover.
Yes. Even if you are in a contract or fixed tariff, you can switch. If there is a cancellation fee, you would have to pay that and change your supplier. The cancellation fee depends on the supplier and the tariff you are currently in.
No. Energy supply will not interrupted, since the new supplier continue using same wires, pipes and meters you currently have. Infact, the new supplier contacts your current supplier during the process of transfer if they require.
You have given a cooling off period of 14 days. If you decide that you are not going to switch supplier, just contact your new supplier and inform that you don't want to switch and after that they will cancel switch without interrupting your supply.
You can switch supply after every 28 days if you want but be aware of the cancellation charges in the current tariff.